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ICYMI: Trump's Continued Presence Poses Risk for New York Republicans

For Immediate Release: September 19, 2022

ICYMI: Trump's Continued Presence Poses Risk for New York Republicans

NEW YORK, NY - Seven weeks out from election day, Zeldin’s blind loyalty to Donald Trump continues to dog his flailing gubernatorial campaign.

A new Newsday report outlines the political costs that Lee Zeldin faces as he continues to embrace the disgraced former president.

“Lee Zeldin continues to remain blindly loyal to Donald Trump and do his bidding,” said NYS Democratic Party Chairman Jay S. Jacobs. “Trump’s price for his political support is loyalty at all costs, which Zeldin has offered the disgraced former president since day one. New Yorkers cannot afford Zeldin’s dangerous, far-right Trump agenda to take hold in our state.”

Zeldin continues to blindly follow Trump despite criticism from fellow New York Republicans. Recently, former Republican Governor George Pataki told the New York Post“Embracing Trump. Not a winning strategy.” 

According to the New York Times, “At a time when some party strategists are calling on him to moderate his stances on issues like guns or abortion,” Zeldin “tighten[ed] his links to right-wing heroes like Mr. Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida.” 

Gotham Gazette recently noted that “Experts say that Zeldin's positions on hot-button issues… may be significantly hurting his already slender chances in the general election.”

Read the key excerpts from Newsday below:

Newsday: Trump's continued presence poses risk for New York Republicans

By: Yancey Roy, 9/18/22

As elections move into the homestretch, a key question is: Will Donald Trump’s continued presence hurt the GOP in blue-state New York?

Rep. Lee Zeldin, the Republican candidate for governor, has linked up with the ex-president and his son in a drive to raise much-needed campaign cash — triggering Democrats to raise Zeldin’s pro-Trump voting record in Congress and his vote against certifying the 2020 election.


This is a dilemma for Republican candidates in blue states, such as New York: Embrace Trump or distance him?

Analysts said there is no denying Trump is a factor in 2022 midterm elections.


Zeldin suggested he might campaign with Trump. 


Former Gov. George Pataki, the last Republican to win a statewide election in New York, told the New York Post that "embracing Trump" was "not a winning strategy" here.


Political analysts said Trump will be a factor in November.

"He's a part of every conversation. He's a part of every social media post. He's all over the news," Democratic consultant Hank Sheinkopf told Newsday.

Unlike in conservative red states, in New York Trump, "takes away the advantage Republicans had based on economics," Sheinkopf said.

“Trump is resonating now,” said Bruce Gyory, a former adviser to two Democratic governors. “He’s been active. He’s been endorsing candidates.”

In Republican primaries and Republican-controlled states, an affiliation with Trump has helped candidates. Many even tout it.

But in New York, Trump has overwhelmingly negative ratings: 63% of New Yorkers had an unfavorable view of him compared with 32% favorable, according to a Siena College survey in August.