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For Immediate Release: July 29, 2022



NEW YORK, NY - Sunday marks 100 days until the November 8th election. As we move closer to the general election, voters will see Lee Zeldin continuing to embrace a far-right agenda that is dangerously out of touch with New York' values. As Donald Trump’s “point man” in Congress, Zeldin has repeatedly echoed the former president’s extreme rhetoric on the campaign trail and has promised to bring the same MAGA policies to New York. 

As we count the days to November, Democrats will be getting the word out to voters: Lee Zeldin’s extremism will take New York backward. Here’s a quick look at some of Zeldin’s most extreme positions:

  • Lee Zeldin joined a town hall with the state chapter of the Right to Life Party, claiming that if elected governor, he would grant anti-abortion advocates "open door” access to his office and agreed that appointing a pro-life health commissioner would be a “great idea.”
  • Zeldin regularly campaigns with the Long Island Loud Majority (LILM), whose members attended the insurrection at the Capitol.
  • Zeldin voted to overturn the 2020 election citing ballot integrity but recently submitted nearly 13,000 fraudulent signatures in an attempt to get on a third-party line and boost his struggling campaign.
  • Zeldin said New York State should repeal red flag laws and that people should “have a right to stand [their] ground.” Throughout his career, Zeldin has opposed common sense gun safety measures that would expand criminal background checks, close dangerous loopholes, and crack down on illegal guns in our neighborhoods. 

“With 100 days to go, it is imperative that we never lose sight of the stakes in this election. Lee Zeldin’s radical right-wing agenda would turn back the clock for New York women and reverse Governor Hochul’s tireless work to codify abortion access in New York Law,” said NYSNA Executive Director Pat Kane, RN, “Since the repeal of Roe, we have seen disastrous public health consequences for women living in Republican-governed states that have rolled back this basic human right. We will not allow this kind of bigotry in New York–– not in November, and not ever.” 

 “This November, the preservation of democracy is on the ballot,” said Assembly Member and Secretary to the New York State Democratic Party, Latrice Walker. "Governor Kathy Hochul has made it a priority to protect New Yorkers from violence and promote trust and transparency in government. On the other side, Republican zealots like Lee Zeldin have made it their priority to erode that trust in our institutions at every turn, promoting dangerous lies about the 2020 election and sanctioning the violent activities of extremist groups involved in the January 6 insurrection. Free and fair elections will not happen if Lee Zeldin is elected governor.”

 “When tragedy struck in Buffalo, Governor Hochul took action to pass critical gun safety measures to keep New Yorkers safe. Meanwhile, Lee Zeldin has a long record of extreme positions on guns, from his support for the repeal of “red flag” laws to striking down concealed carry laws. He has proven time and time again that his loyalties lie with the NRA, not with New Yorkers,” said Assembly member Jonathan Rivera. “A vote for Lee Zeldin is a vote against our children, our neighbors, and against our ability to walk safely through the streets of New York.”