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ICYMI: Big Lie Lee Hiding Extreme Anti-Choice Agenda

For Immediate Release: May 10, 2022

NEW YORK, NY: Lee Zeldin is backing away from his extreme, anti-abortion record and proposed plans if elected. The GOP gubernatorial candidate is desperate to hide his widely unpopular, anti-choice agenda from New Yorkers, deceiving voters on his plans for New York.

Just last week Zeldin hosted the New York Right to Life Party, touting his plans to appoint a pro-life health commissioner and stating that anti-abortion advocates would have "open door" access to his administration if elected governor. Zeldin wants to walk a fine line between pandering to the far-right and hiding his own record that is vastly out-of-touch with New Yorkers but New Yorkers will see right through him.


Here’s what people across New York are reading about Zeldin’s pandering:

  • New York Post: "Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-Long Island) is backing away from recent remarks suggesting he would appoint a pro-life health commissioner if elected… Zeldin was singing a different tune Monday at a campaign stop in New York City about whether he would restrict abortion as governor."
  • Newsday: "Zeldin, with extensive red-state alliances as a congressman, faces a typical problem for legislators grasping for election as an executive — a history of party-line votes and deals in which, except in cases of rare independence, the lawmaker is not guided by his own policies or priorities."
  • Spectrum News: "At a campaign stop in Queens, he spent some time explaining his anti-abortion views, which are out of step with a majority of New Yorkers… Zeldin also doubled down on his own remarks, recently obtained by NY1, that he would appoint an anti-abortion health commissioner if elected governor."