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ICYMI: New York Times: Newsmax GOP Debate Doubles Down on Promoting Far-Right Extremism

For Immediate Release: June 22, 2022


Last night, New York’s Republican gubernatorial candidates doubled down on their far-right extremism at the third and final GOP primary debate hosted by Newsmax, a hyper-conservative news outlet. Lee Zeldin and Andrew Giuliani openly touted their pro-MAGA credentials directly to their extreme GOP base, and what ensued was a 60-minute “race to the right” between the two candidates. 

Zeldin and Giuliani continued utilizing the Trump playbook, promoting far-right conspiracy theories, attacking abortion rights, and pushing a dangerous, pro-gun agenda. With their final pitch to right-wing voters, both candidates assured viewers they would pursue dangerous policies that would drag New York backward.  

Read the highlights from the New York Times story below: 

New York Times: Newsmax Debate Lends N.Y. Governor’s Race a Far-Right Glow

By: Jesse McKinley, 6/22/22

The four Republican candidates for governor of New York made their closing pitch to voters on Tuesday night, voicing devotion to President Trump and his policies, disdain for gun control and abortion, and worries about crime and immigration. [...]

Mr. Giuliani, 36, has tried to position himself as the race’s most right-wing candidate,  saying, for instance, on Tuesday that he would “bring morality back to this state” in reference to abortion. He has also professed belief in conspiracy theories that Mr. Trump had won the 2020 election, the outcome of which he called “one of the greatest crimes in American history.”

On Tuesday, Mr. Zeldin seemed more zealous about Mr. Trump’s legacy, saying he believed that the former president’s border wall should be completed.

The moderator on Tuesday was Eric Bolling, a former Fox News host who has conducted a number of interviews with Mr. Trump, including one on Monday in which the former president said that “so many” of the rioters who ransacked the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021,  were “well-behaved.” [...]