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ICYMI: Spectrum News: Lee Zeldin Says Anti-Abortion Advocates Will Have “Open Door” Access If Elected Governor

For Immediate Release: April 29, 2022

NEW YORK, NY: During a town hall with the New York Right to Life Party, GOP gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin said anti-abortion advocates will have “open door” access to his administration if elected governor.

When asked if he would appoint a pro-life health commissioner, Zeldin answered “Absolutely, that's a great idea. Let's go out and make sure we're getting the most qualified person to be the health commissioner, who is also pro-life.” 

As Republican governors across the country continue to attack reproductive health care, Lee Zeldin has made it clear that his administration would dismantle the right to choose. 


See key excerpts from the Spectrum story below: 

Spectrum News: Zeldin: Appointing 'pro-life' health commissioner for NY state is 'great idea'
By: Kevin Frey, 4/28/22

One of the leading Republican candidates for New York governor — Long Island Congressman Lee Zeldin — told a recent virtual town hall that it would be “a great idea” to appoint a “pro-life” health commissioner. [...]

Zeldin, who is an outspoken opponent of abortion, made the remark while speaking with New York Right to Life, according to video obtained by Spectrum News NY1. [...]

In the video, Zeldin said he believes “it would be a great benefit for the state of New York to have a health commissioner who respects life as opposed to what we're used to.” [...]

He also said that, if elected governor, anti-abortion advocates would have “open door” access to him. “Come on into the second floor of the New York State Capitol. It’s been a while, but you come right on in,” he said. [...]

“It’s been many, many, many decades. I don’t even remember the last time New York state had a pro-life governor,” he told the virtual gathering. [...]