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RELEASE: Lee Zeldin’s Extreme Views Threaten Reproductive Rights In New York

For Immediate Release: April 28, 2022

NEW YORK, NY: Last night, Lee Zeldin spent nearly an hour with the New York Right to Life Party, gushing over his plans to welcome the ideas and policies of the extreme, anti-abortion group. 

With the Supreme Court’s pending decision on Roe v. Wade, Lee Zeldin must immediately answer if he will dismantle New Yorkers’ right to choose in New York.

During the meeting, Zeldin joined the anti-abortion group saying he’s, "looking forward to being able to bring our ideas, our passion, our values, to the governor's office" and offered "open-door" access to his administration. Zeldin’s "ideas and passions" are the same far-right policies that Republicans are pushing across the nation to restrict a woman’s right to choose. 

When asked if he would appoint a pro-life health commissioner, Zeldin answered "Absolutely, that's a great idea. Let's go out and make sure we're getting the most qualified person to be the health commissioner, who is also pro-life."

"Zeldin’s event with the Right to Life Party shows just how dangerous it would be for New Yorkers if he were elected governor," said James Martin, spokesman for the NYS Democratic Party. "We have one question for Lee Zeldin: will you dismantle a woman’s right to choose in New York?"