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REPORT: New York GOP Race in “Dead Heat” as Zeldin and Giuliani Scramble for Far-Right Support

For Immediate Release: June 22, 2022

NEW YORK, NY: NBC published a new report highlighting New York’s Republican gubernatorial primary as a “dead heat” between Lee Zeldin and Andrew Giuliani. 

“Among 538 likely Republican voters, Zeldin gets 25% support, against 23% for Giuliani,” NBC Reported, “But nearly a third of the Republican voters said they were still undecided, suggesting the race remains well up for grabs.”

The two leading candidates have leaned into the far-right playbook to appease Donald Trump and his base. Andrew Giuliani recently supported the conspiracy theory saying, “Donald Trump was re-elected in 2020.” 

During the Newsmax debate, Lee Zeldin continued to stumble on the stage as the chaotic primary unraveled into infighting. According to the Post, the third and final debate on Newsmax, “devolved into a round of finger-pointing over conservative cred.” Some conservatives even said Zeldin, “comes off like an unstable third-grader.” 

“Zeldin and Giuliani will continue to spend the final days of the Republican primary pushing their far-right agendas to conservative New Yorkers,” said New York State Democratic Party Spokesperson James Martin, “During the general election, either candidate will have plenty to answer for whether it’s  endorsing the 'Big Lie,' supporting Donald Trump, and advocating for more guns on our streets.”