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Statement from NYS Democratic Chairman on the Socialists Challenge to Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney

For Immediate Release: April 14, 2021

NASSAU COUNTY, NY: New York State Democratic Party Chairman Jay S. Jacobs has released the following statement:

"The "Justice Democrats" this morning announced that they are backing Rana Abdelhamid's primary bid against Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney.  Rana Abdelhamid, a 27-year-old member of the Democratic Socialists of America, currently does not live in the district.  There is no question that Abdelhamid has every right to run for Congress and to primary a sitting incumbent Democrat.  However, the argument that she and her "Justice Democrats" and "Democratic Socialists of America" allies put forth that Carolyn Maloney is not progressive enough is just pure nonsense.

Congresswoman Maloney has delivered for her district and is one of the most prolific legislators in Congress and was ranked the #1 leader by Govtrack in 2020 and ranked #2 in the entire New York Delegation for the most laws passed.  She passed the Card Act, which is the Credit Card Holder Bill of Rights that saves over $16B for consumers, the Debbie Smith Act, which is the most anti-rape legislation signed into law and more importantly, the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act.   This year alone during the worst pandemic we have ever lived through, along with her colleagues, has delivered over $100B in direct aid and programs to New York including $1,400 checks to families, extending unemployment insurance and increasing the Child Tax Credit.   Her record on advancing progressive legislation is undisputable.  She is a sponsor of H.R. 1, landmark legislation created to protect voting rights under threat right now in too many parts of our country.  And, she has taken the lead in the fight for statehood for the District of Columbia, to end the disenfranchisement of hundreds of thousands of U.S. Citizens.

Make no mistake about it.  This challenge is not about progressive causes.  This challenge is about one thing: power.  Maloney has it and the DSA wants it.  Maloney can proudly stand on her record.  Abdelhamid may challenge Maloney, but I challenge Abdelhamid to be honest with the voters she is seeking the support of.  I’ve read the DSA platform.  Everyone should.   Tell the voters where you and the DSA stand on "defunding the police;" ending capitalism in America, unilaterally disarming the nuclear deterrent of the U.S. military, and seizing private businesses that have to lay off workers even when their survival requires it.  Ms. Abdelhamid should tell the voters that she favors decriminalization of "sex work," making 26-year-olds who commit violent crimes "youthful offenders" and the discontinuance of gang databases.  Simply, the DSA wants America to replace the capitalist system with the historically proven failure of socialism.

The DSA and Justice Democrats have a long history of cherry-picking the districts they compete in, the opponents they believe they can beat and the issues that they choose to talk about.  Well, with Carolyn Maloney, this time, they have picked the wrong opponent.  It’s about time we let the voters know what the DSA really stands for – and if they were truly FOR the progressive values of the overwhelming majority of mainstream Democrats – they would be supporting Maloney."