Partido demócrata de Nueva York

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Sobre el Partido

El partido demócrata de Nueva York se compromete a asegurar que los neoyorquinos tengan liderazgo progresivo, justo, y dedicado a cada nivel del gobierno.

Las Vidas Negras Importan

El partido demócrata de Nueva York reconoce que el racismo está incrustado en nuestra sociedad y en nuestro sistema de justicia. Nos comprometemos a trabajar todos los días para asegurarnos de que este país esté a la altura de sus ideales básicos de igualdad, igualdad de oportunidades, e igualdad de justicia ante la ley– para todos los ciudadanos.

Averigüe Dónde Puede Votar

Chairman Jay S. Jacobs statement on @hakeemjeffries historic election to House Minority Leader⬇️

Sending our best wishes for a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Democrats! Our friends in Georgia need our help. Sign up to ensure a victory on Dec 6th!

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Chairman Jay S. Jacobs' Statement on Trump’s Presidential Announcement⬇️

RT @KathyHochul: In 234 years as a state, New York had never elected a woman governor.

On Tuesday, the people of our great state changed t…

Thank you to every volunteer and organizer who put in the time to elect leaders across New York.

RT @KathyHochul: Proud and honored to serve the people of New York alongside @DelgadoforNY, @TishJames, and @TomDiNapoli. I know together w…

On this Veterans Day, we honor the brave patriots who sacrificed so much to defend our country. We will forever be grateful for their service.

RT @DelgadoforNY: New York sent a clear message on Tuesday: our state will continue to be a beacon of progress.

RT @KathyHochul: On Tuesday night, New Yorkers made history and elected the first woman governor of our state.

But our work isn’t done. I…