New York State Democratic Party

Our Party

Welcome to the New York State Democratic Party! We are committed to electing Democrats up and down the ticket across the state and ensuring that New Yorkers have strong, dedicated leadership at every level of government. 

Gov Hochul and Lt Gov Antonio Delgado

New York Democrats are proud of the work we’ve done to make life better for working families across the state. We’re committed to building a safer, more affordable state and to protecting the rights of all New Yorkers.

We’ve enacted the toughest gun laws in the nation which are working to keep our communities safe and get guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals. As abortion rights are under attack, New York Democrats are safeguarding access to reproductive healthcare and ensuring that abortion is safe, affordable, and available to all. In addition, New York Democrats are focused on lowering costs for hard-working families and continuing to grow New York’s economy through massive infrastructure investments that will bring good-paying clean energy jobs to our state.

Our Party’s history is rich with accomplishments centered on advancing the livelihoods of New Yorkers. Together, we continue to fight for all New Yorkers.