New York State Democratic Party

Power Your Campaign With VoteBuilder

What is VAN?

VAN aka VoteBuilder is a national online database administered by the DNC and maintained locally by the State Party. We work to update the Voter File regularly with the latest voter registration, NCOA, and voter contact data.

What is included in your VAN Subscription?

VAN enables your campaign to effectively target voters, manage volunteers and events, and store the data your campaign needs to get out the vote.

  • Lists of registered active and inactive voters
  • A platform to Canvass, Phone Bank (Virtual Phone Bank), a public-facing volunteer Virtual Phone Banking tool (OpenVPB), Record contacts
  • Turf Cutter
  • MiniVAN Canvassing App
  • Reporting tools
  • Access to the most recent scores at no additional cost to your campaign
  • Phone numbers, including appended cell phone acquisitions, at no additional cost to the campaign
  • Integration with 3rd party services via API
  • VAN Resource Center including VAN Help Docs
  • NY VAN Support Slack Channel

How much does NY VAN cost?

NY VAN Pricing varies based on the number of all registered voters in the respective district, as well as appended data from other parties. Please contact us for a quote.

Access begins from the date of the contract and concludes on November 15 of the contract year. This fee is not prorated.

Please note pricing may fluctuate as we continuously update our Voter File data. Pricing based on the original quote will be honored, if purchased within 14 days.

How do I get NY VAN access?

  1. If you are signing up for the first time or renewing your NY VAN Access, please fill out this form and a representative from the Party will contact you with next steps.
  2. Once payment has been submitted, you will be sent a User Agreement to review and sign.
  3. Once all parties have signed, your campaign VAN Admin will be granted VAN login credentials.

Help! I have never used VAN

Once you have logged into VAN, you will be able to access the VAN Help Center link located on the right side of the webpage. There is an “i” information button at the bottom right corner of your VAN homepage. Our team will also provide group and online training upon request.

Download the following to get you started

Existing VAN users

Having trouble logging in?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us here or contact your committee admin.

Login and ActionID Guide

Guidelines for seeking VAN Support

How do I renew my VAN Access?

You can renew your VAN contract by re-submitting a response to this form.

Other Support Questions

For general data questions or to schedule a training session please contact us over at the support channel or send an express ticket via the “Help” widget on the bottom right-hand side of your screen.

How can I obtain NGP VAN’s add-on tools?

If you are interested in utilizing NGP VAN’s native add-on tools such as the new VPB Connect, Predictive Dialer or other phone services, please contact For any other inquiry regarding NGP VAN’s tools, please contact

Please note that some tools are not available without a licensed VAN committee such as MiniVAN or MiniVAN Manager.