Press Releases

  • September 16, 2022

    ICYMI: Zeldin Tries to Fool New York Voters in New Ad

    NEW YORK, NY - Lee Zeldin is at it again. His campaign spent thousands of dollars on an ad about crime, using footage of real incidents from across New York with the goal of instilling fear in New York voters. There was just one problem: their “New York crime” ad used video footage from Oakland, California.

    After being questioned on the authenticity of the ad, the Zeldin campaign admitted that “one of [the clips] isn’t even footage of New York, but instead Oakland, Calif,” and quickly tried to backtrack by saying they’d remove the Oakland footage.

  • September 16, 2022

    New Polling Shows Lee Zeldin Trailing By Double Digits In NY Gubernatorial Race

    NEW YORK, NY - Newly released polling from Emerson College, the AFL-CIO, and Data for Progress show Governor Kathy Hochul with dominant, double-digit leads against Lee Zeldin. The poll results reflect Governor Hochul’s ability to motivate New Yorkers on the most pressing issues, including protecting reproductive rights, fighting for commonsense gun safety legislation, and combating extremism.

    Data for Progress founder Sean McElwee highlighted voters' confidence in Governor Hochul: “Voters trust her on abortion and healthcare. Inflation Reduction Act and student debt relief both double digit support among New Yorkers.”

  • September 15, 2022

    Still No Answers From Lee Zeldin’s Election Fraud Scandal

    NEW YORK, NY - It’s been more than two months since New Yorkers found out the Zeldin campaign submitted more than 11,000 fraudulent signatures to get on the Independence Party line. The Zeldin campaign has remained eerily silent on the issue of potential ballot fraud even after endorsing the far-right conspiracy theory that the 2020 election was falsely decided.

    Here is a timeline of Zeldin’s alleged petition fraud that should be top of mind for New Yorkers: 

  • September 14, 2022

    On Second Stop of “New Yorkers Against Extreme Lee” Tour, Central New York Democrats Call Out Lee Zeldin’s Dangerous Anti-Abortion Views and Record of Far-Right Extremism

    NEW YORK, NY -Today, on the second stop of the New York Democratic Party’s “New Yorkers Against Extreme Lee'' tour in Central New York, local leaders — including First Vice Chair of the New York Democratic Party, Onondaga County Democratic Committee Chair and State Assemblymember Pam Hunter and State Senator Rachel May highlighted Republican gubernatorial nominee Lee Zeldin’s dangerous anti-abortion views, record of far-right extremism, and his opposition to commonsense gun safety measures.

    “Lee Zeldin isn’t just any Republican, he is devoted to the extreme fringes of his party that are out of touch with everyday New Yorkers,” said First Vice Chair of the New York Democratic Party, Onondaga County Democratic Committee Chair, and Assemblymember Pam Hunter. “Whether it is cozying up to far-right January insurrectionist groups, backing the Trump-MAGA agenda, or pushing to bring more guns on our streets, it’s clear that Lee Zeldin is too extreme and too dangerous for New York.”

  • September 13, 2022

    Zeldin Endorses “Trump-Loving Conservative” And Anti-Abortion Congressional Candidate George Santos

    NEW YORK, NY - Lee Zeldin is at it once again, this time supporting far-right MAGA Republican Congressional candidate George Santos, who recently compared reproductive rights to slavery.

    Santos, who has been described as a “Trump-loving conservative,” recently joined a talk show hosted by the known anti-government group Long Island Loud Majority. On the show, Santos discussed his stance on abortion, saying, “All of us in this room, we can agree that when we look at the American past and we look at slavery, we think it was barbaric.... Fifty years from now, we’re going to look back … and say ‘we killed babies out of the womb? We aborted our own? That is barbaric.’”

  • September 12, 2022

    NEW POLL: Governor Hochul Leads Lee Zeldin by Whopping 15 Points

    NEW YORK, NY - A new Emerson College/Pix 11/The Hill poll shows Governor Hochul with a commanding 15-point lead against Lee Zeldin, 50-35%. The Emerson poll is consistent with recent polling showing the governor’s strength against her anti-abortion, Trump-loyalist Republican opponent.

    The Daily Gazette highlighted this point over the weekend, noting that “political scientists said they don’t believe much has changed in the race since polling over the summer showed the contest as being far less competitive.” As of today, FiveThirtyEight’s polling average showed Governor Hochul up by more than 16 points, 51.5-35.1%. 

  • September 9, 2022

    Steve Bannon Endorses Zeldin, Describes Zeldin as “Key To MAGA Victory”

    NEW YORK, NY - Less than two months before Election Day, the far-right fringes of the Republican Party, including Breitbart co-founder and chief strategist to the Trump administration, Steve Bannon, are flocking to boost Lee Zeldin’s faltering campaign.

    Bannon, dubbed “the Great Manipulator,” served as chief executive of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and chief strategist and senior counselor for the Trump White House.

  • September 9, 2022

    ICYMI: Nearly Half of Zeldin’s Fraudulent Photocopied Petitions Originated from His Own Backyard

    NEW YORK, NY - New reporting from Newsday raises fresh questions in the ongoing “Xerox Zeldin” election fraud scandal.

    A new analysis shows that “close to half” of the fraudulent photocopied signatures submitted to get Lee Zeldin on the Independence Party line came from Suffolk County, which is considered Zeldin’s political “backyard.” Additionally, “36 of 968 photocopied pages were witnessed by senior members of the Zeldin campaign team, and another witness on multiple pages was James Robitsek of the Setauket Patriots,” a far-right group that “bused people down to the Capitol on Jan. 6.”

  • September 8, 2022

    On First Stop of New Yorkers Against Extreme Lee Tour, WNY Democrats Condemn Lee Zeldin’s Extreme Views on Abortion and Jan. 6 Insurrection

    NEW YORK, NY - Today, on the first stop of the “New Yorkers Against Extreme Lee” tour, Western New York Democrats held a press conference in Buffalo, led by Erie County Democratic Committee Chairman Jeremy Zellner, Assemblymember Monica Wallace, and Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz to hold Republican gubernatorial nominee Lee Zeldin accountable for his anti-abortion views, support for Trump’s far-right agenda and history of propelling Trump’s hate-filled, conspiracy-fueled lies, and his opposition to commonsense gun safety measures.

    “Zeldin has stood in lockstep with Donald Trump since day one,” said Erie County Democratic Committee Chairman Jeremy Zellner. “Last week, Zeldin doubled down on defending Donald Trump when he was asked about the search of Mar-a-Lago. Over the Labor Day Weekend, Trump headlined a fundraiser for Zeldin. And then, just two days ago, Zeldin used a campaign press conference to push baseless and debunked conspiracy theories about the 2020 election. The implications are clear: Lee Zeldin’s blind loyalty to Donald Trump makes him too dangerous for New York.”

  • September 8, 2022

    New York Democratic Party Launches “New Yorkers Against Extreme Lee” Statewide Tour

    NEW YORK, NY - As the fall campaign season kicks off, the New York State Democratic Party today launched a “New Yorkers Against Extreme Lee” statewide tour to highlight how New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin’s extreme positions and MAGA agenda are a clear and present danger to New Yorkers.

    Events will feature local leaders holding Lee Zeldin accountable for his anti-abortion views, support for Trump’s far-right agenda and history of propelling Trump’s hate-filled, conspiracy-fueled lies, and his opposition to commonsense gun safety measures. The tour will make stops in major cities across New York State, and specific details will be announced closer to the event dates.